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Hello, my name is Ann Coco, a licensed clinical social worker and a national board certified clinical hypnotherapist specializing in individual and couples psychotherapy. 

With over 30 years of professional experience, I currently work as a private practitioner serving a broad spectrum of clients.

Whether you choose conventional or alternative therapies, let my caring, professional, wholistic approach help you open windows to inner healing of your relationships, your health and your spirit. Together we will work to resolve current problems and long-standing patterns, and to identify and achieve life goals.

Education: Masters degree in clinical social work, University of Georgia

Professional memberships: Georgia Association of Clinical Social Workers , National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists

A B O U T M Y   P R A C T I C E
Opening Windows . . . to New Possibilities . . .

. . . Within Yourself
Recapture a sense of who you are. Find an inner peace. Explore life goals and create a vision of where you want to go. Eliminate or reduce depression, anxiety, phobias, fears and stress. Increase your ability to enjoy life.

. . . Within Your Relationships
Examine your relationships and identify those that are not working. Explore what your relationships have to teach you and why you tend to attract certain types of people. Create loving, balanced and honest relationships.

. . . In Your Work
Identify what you love to do and envision how you can turn that into your life's work. Fully consider what you want from your work (money, emotional support, creative expression, security, etc.) and how you can achieve it. Explore your current job, learning what it has to teach you, when it is time to move on or when it is time to stay, and new possibilities for reaching your goals.

. . . In Your Health
Free yourself from unwanted habits (nail-biting, hair-pulling, etc.). Stop smoking. Stop struggling with weight issues. Reduce stress. Discover and work through emotional issues that contribute to health problems. Learn to utilize your mind as a powerful tool in relaxing and healing your body.

. . . In Your Finances
Create financial goals that are in harmony with who you are. Explore your issues with money. Identify obstacles to prosperity, Change your unconscious beliefs that interfere with your abundance. Create a concrete, realistic plan to reach your financial goals, whether eliminating debt, buying a home, saving money for retirement, college or for starting a business.

. . . Within Your Spirit
Create ways to bring the spiritual into your everyday life. Using guided meditations, learn to "go inside" to find answers. Through past life regressions or "waking dreams," explore patterns in your life that need healing. Learn how to connect with your angels and spiritual guides.

Call me today at 404-931-7722 and let me help you overcome the stress, fears, habits and traumatic memories that hold you back from embracing life.

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